Seed – Game Jam Build


Seed is a fun little puzzle platformer in which you control a cube who can’t jump, but can traverse between the edges of the screen, and must use this ability to plant a seed and complete the level.

Seed starts off fairly simply, but gets increasingly more complex across its 22 levels, introducing new objects and tasking you with new objectives. The simple control scheme … Read More “Seed – Game Jam Build”

Spinster: A Cat Lady Game – Alpha Demo

Spinster a cat lady game

Spinster: A Cat Lady Game is a very silly blend of Snake, mad old cat ladies and terrible puns in which you attempt to find all the cats in the small town of Downtown Tabby.

The gameplay in Spinster: A Cat Lady Game will be immediately familiar to anyone who’s played Snake – simply avoid objects and collect cats to grow a long trail … Read More “Spinster: A Cat Lady Game – Alpha Demo”

Conga Master – Game Jam Build Download

conga master game

Conga Master is a super happy, hip swinging, finger snapping conga game in which you dance around a discotheque gathering party-goers for your Snake-like conga line.

Your aim is to create as long a conga line as possible, by dancing around other party-goers until they decide to join your train.  The controls are simple, with just 2 buttons to direct your movement, but it can … Read More “Conga Master – Game Jam Build Download”