AlterVerse – Steam Alpha Key Giveaway

Alterverse Steam key giveaway

AlterVerse is an ambitious virtual world and game creation platform that will be populated by many interconnected worlds, ranging from Sci-Fi to Medieval, where players will be able to meet up, go on adventures, complete quests and play sports and engage in exciting battles.

Playable on standard screens and VR (Vive currently and Rift in the next update), AlterVerse will be rolling out its various … Read More

Revulsion (a.k.a. Project Stray) – Prototype Download

Revulsion Project Stray Game Download

Revulsion (previously named Project Stray) draws inspiration from Doom, Quake, Dark Souls and Borderlands to create a fast paced old school shooter with loot, challenging gameplay, levelling up, crafting and chunky voxel based graphics.

The core gameplay of Revulsion plays like a voxel-based Doom, with you using speed, precision and strafing to blast your way through a volcanic hellscape filled with demonic DoomRead More