Loco Motion – Game Jam Build

Loco Motion

Loco Motion is a simple, but addictive physics based puzzler in which your aim is to design the optimal set of wheels for your vehicle that will allow it to make it across a very tricky obstacle course.

All you have to do in Loco Motion is design the wheels by tracing their outline with your mouse.pointer. After that you just sit back and watch … Read More

Cognizance – Game Jam Build Download

Cognizance download

Cognizance is an incredibly inventive puzzle platformer from Daniel Linssen (Windowframe, Hopslide) in which you control a little cog that interacts with a vast array of mechanisms as you attempt to find its friends.

Taking place in one giant open level, it’s up to you to explore, solve puzzles, find your friends and make your way to the exit. Your little cog … Read More

The House Abandon – Prototype Download

the house abandon game

The House Abandon is a terrifying text based adventure created by one of the Alien Isolation devs, in which the environment you’re playing in reacts around you – so much so that we guarantee that you’ll look over your own shoulder a few times while playing it!

The House Abandon is played much like a traditional text based adventure, using commands such as ‘Look’, ‘Open’, … Read More

Battlefield 1 – Open Beta (PS4, Xbox One & PC)

Battlefield 1 beta

Get ready for some epic horseback multiplayer warfare – Battlefield 1 is now available in Open Beta on PS4, Xbox One and PC!

Available to download now on PS4 (Europe & NA), Xbox One and PC via Origin (in the ‘Free Games’ section), the Open Beta of Battlefield 1 features one map (the Sinai Desert) and 64 player combat across 2 game modes … Read More