BattleSouls – Open Beta (Steam)


BattleSouls is a fun looking online action game in which players face off in colorful arenas, changing their character class on-the-fly and beating up their opponents in fast paced multiplayer combat.

Featurung five different character classes, each with their own attacks and abilities, players can switch between classes at the touch of a button allowing them to change tactics mid-fight. Battles are fast, fun and … Read More

GODHOOD – Alpha Download

GODHOOD download

GODHOOD is a super cool rhythm action beat ’em up in which you time your punches and special attacks to beat up demons and impress a dragon-like character that you invented which somehow manifested in the real world.

The opening cutscene is very early in development so equal parts bad and awesome (you can skip it, but the bit where Avadra turns around and the … Read More