Wyst – Game Jam Build Download


Wyst is a tricky low poly first person puzzler set on a mysterious floating island in which you must grow a magical tree high enough to help you escape.

Although graphically it’s very different, the puzzle design in Wyst is similar to Myst.  There are no objectives laid out for you, you simply have to experiment with the panels scattered across the island and … Read More

Romance Choice – Game Jam Build Download

Romance Choice

Romance Choice is a short and strange, 4th wall breaking dating simulator with a surprising amount of emotion and some very clever twists.

We’d REALLY recommend playing the game first before reading on as the following text will contain spoilers!

Created for Ludlum Dare 34, Romance Choice is played entirely with two buttons. You use these buttons initially to select what your date looks like … Read More

Floppy Frog – Game Jam Build

Floppy Frog

Floppy Frog is a ridiculously tough two button QWOP-like platformer in which you control the joints on a rather strange looking frog and attempt to guide it towards the exit of each level.

There are six levels in total and you’ll need some serious frog flopping skills to make it to the end.  To move your body you simply have to press L and F … Read More

Super Night Riders – Alpha Demo

Super Night Riders

Super Night Riders is an unashamedly retro arcade bike racer inspired by 80’s classics such as Super Hang on and Road Rash.

You play Alice (aka the Red Racer) as you race through the countryside avoiding other racers and chasing that all important check-point.  Similarly to OutRun, you’re not fighting for positions in a race, rather you’re racing against time – which is … Read More