Insatia – Beta Demo


Insatia is a very cool creepy crawly single player-focused carnivorous worm simulator in which you wriggle to move, eat to grow and fight to survive in a little bug-eat-bug ecosystem growing in a professors laboratory.

We first featured Insatia on Alpha Beta Gamer way back in 2014 and found it to be a very addictive worm-on-worm combat game and it’s come a long way since … Read More

Sara Is Missing (S.I.M.) – Alpha Demo


Sara Is Missing (S.I.M.) is a cleverly crafted horror game designed for smart phones (but Windows and Mac versions are coming), in which you discover a phone whose owner has disappeared under mysterious circumstances. It’s up to you to investigate the files, messages, videos and emails on there phone as you try to uncover what happened to her.

The conceit of Sara Is Missing is … Read More