The Wit.nes – Alpha Demo

the Wit nes download

The Wit.nes is a fantastic game that squashes Jonathan Blow’s island puzzling masterpiece, The Witness, in an 8bit NES rom, and amazingly the gameplay is largely unchanged from the original.

The current Alpha Demo of The Wit.nes 32 unique puzzles, split into three different puzzle types as seen in The Witness. Those who have played The Witness previously will know what’s required to … Read More

Animus Fault – Student Project Download

Animus Fault

Animus Fault is a super cool sci-fi first person shooter in which you can instantly switch between two parallel worlds to expose your enemies weaknesses, as you fight of hordes of deadly robots and make your way down to the Animus core.

Taking around 30 minutes to complete, your aim is to make your way down through the Animus and defeat the central core. There … Read More

The Tomorrow Children – Open Beta (PS4)

the tomorrow children open beta

The Tomorrow Children is coming to Open Beta in Europe and Japan (NA is still to be confirmed) on PS4 on Friday the third of June, with players able to download the Beta client via the PSN Store now.

The Tomorrow Children is a PS4 exclusive from Q-Games (creators of the PixelJunk series) that offers a strange blend of Minecraft-style collaborative building and social … Read More

Four Last Things – Game Jam Build Download

Four Last Things

Four Last Things is a beautifully illustrated point and click adventure created out of Renaissance-era artwork, in which you play a pilgrim who must commit some of the seven deadly sins in order to be allowed access to a church to atone for his other sins.

You’ve travelled a long way to reach a sacred church to atone for your sins. Unfortunately, as the sins … Read More