Radical Relocation – Game Jam Build Download

Radical Relocation is a tricky physics based puzzler that sees you attempting to stack all of your belongings on top of your car then drive them over to your new house.

Paying for movers to pack up and transport your belongings is expensive, so why not do it yourself? Radical Relocation tasks you with transporting all of your belongings on top of your car, without … Read More


DONT PLAY THIS GAME.EXE is an incredibly intense, stylish and mind bending first person shooter with puzzle elements, that sees you entering the Grid and blasting the crap out of hordes of enemies as you attempt to hack it.

We’d recommend playing DONT PLAY THIS GAME.EXE before reading on as it’s the sort of game that it’s best to go in blind, so you can Read More

SwapBox+ – Alpha Demo

SwapBox+ is a cleverly crafted Portal-esque first person puzzle platformer that sees you using teleportation skills to make your way through its deviously designed puzzles.

SwapBox+ is a more polished and fleshed out version of SwapBox, a tricky logic based first person puzzler made for the Game Maker’s Toolkit Jam. The newest iteration features vastly upgraded visuals and more inventive puzzle design, but … Read More

486 – Game Jam Build Download

486 is a very tough but oddly addictive retro styled permadeath arcade RPG that draws inspiration from Pimp Quest and sees you roaming the streets of a city, beating up enemies and earning rep as you attempt to get as high a score as possible.

486 features an odd mix of ASCII and 90’s style 3D rendered visuals and sees you attempting to survive on … Read More