GEARGUNS: Tank Offensive – Beta Demo

Gearguns-game download

GEARGUNS: Tank Offensive is a spectacular looking tank combat game that sees you rolling out and blasting all manner of massive Starship Troopers-esque alien bugs.

This may be a tank game, but it’s certainly no stuffy tank simulator, GEARGUNS: Tank Offensive is all about fast paced vehicular combat and spectacle.  This ethos is perfectly envisioned in the opening scene, in which you roll a … Read More

Seed – Game Jam Build


Seed is a fun little puzzle platformer in which you control a cube who can’t jump, but can traverse between the edges of the screen, and must use this ability to plant a seed and complete the level.

Seed starts off fairly simply, but gets increasingly more complex across its 22 levels, introducing new objects and tasking you with new objectives. The simple control scheme … Read More