Shadow Over Isolation – Alpha Demo

Shadow over Isolation

Shadow Over Isolation is an impressive Unreal Engine 4-powered first person horror adventure inspired by the works of Stanley Kubrick and HP Lovecraft, that forgoes jump scares and closet hiding for a much more refined, slow building approach and a large focus on narrative.

Set in a small farming town in 1984, you play Ryan Kappel, a young man who returns to his childhood home … Read More

Vocus Air – Prototype Download

Vocus Air

Vocus Air is an intriguing first person experience in which you sit in your seat on a passenger airplane, observing the other passengers actions and listening to their conversations to try and piece together the narrative that’s playing out in-front of you.

You can’t interact with anything in Vocus Air and there are no set goals, you just have to observe and try to piece … Read More