MòŌóN – Prototype Download

MoOoN game download

MòŌóN is a charming and challenging roguelike zero gravity spelunking shooter in which you help The Major explore treacherous caves, blast enemies and find the lost parts required to build his ship before his air runs out.

In MòŌóN you control The Major, a stranded astronaut who jetpacks his way around a procedurally generated cave system looking for parts of his crashed spaceship. The pixel … Read More

The Unique Adventure – Alpha Demo

A Unique Adventure Game Downlaodw

The Unique Adventure is a funny fourth wall breaking Stanley Parable-esque first person adventure in which you play the hapless Bob, who follows (or ignores) the instructions of the narrator as he attempts to escape a strange apartment block he woke up in after having a little too much to drink.

In The Unique Adventure you help Bob, a fairly moronic individual who … Read More

Shootrage – Prototype Download

Shootrage prototype download

Shootrage is a fast, fun and blood-splattered homage to 90’s first person shooters that features a blend of 3D and 2D sprite style visuals, a kicks ass soundtrack, big boss fights, secrets, 90’s FPS inspired weaponry and plenty of OTT violence.

Space Pirates have kidnapped your girlfriend so you must infiltrate their base to get her back. Obviously this isn’t a time for wimpy tactics … Read More