Meawja – Alpha Demo


Meawja is a very cool 2D pixel art action platformer in which you play a black cat who must slice and dice his way through five stages of challenging tests to prove his worth as a Ninja.

In Meawja you control an agile little cat armed with a ninja blade and ninja stars and embark on a fun, nostalgic retro action platforming adventure. The gameplay … Read More

The Dog Handler Show – Alpha Download


The Dog Handler Show is a fun first person puzzler in which you and your dog work together to solve a variety of increasingly complex puzzles.

In The Dog Handler Show you control the main character, able to walk around the test areas and activating pressure sensitive switches. You can also command your (very obedient) dog to stand in certain areas, or to pick up … Read More

Gigantic – Open Beta (PC & Xbox One)


Gigantic is a gorgeous looking 3rd person team based MOBA in which teams fight alongside their massive guardian, whilst attempting to destroy the opposition and their guardian.

In Gigantic players can choose from 16 unique heroes, each with their own special skills and attributes which can be upgraded throughout a match. Teams battle each other, claiming points across the map which can be used to … Read More