ForeveRacers – Alpha Download


ForeveRacers is a fun new multiplayer racer with charming low poly visuals cute little top-heavy vehicles and easily accessible drop-in, drop-out gameplay.

ForveRacers is primarily a time trial racer, but played online on a track where other players can join in at any time. This makes it more like a low poly rally game, as you’re not waiting on starting grids and not directly racing … Read More

Sticky Boy – Student Project Download


Sticky Boy is a wonderfully wacky action platformer in which you control a boy who can instantly ragdoll and stick his hands and feet to the scenery, using it to propel him across the land in search for coffee beans to impress the village elder.

Sticky Boy plays like a normal action platformer game, with obstacles and lots of collectibles, but there’s one big difference … Read More

Lily: Colors of Santa Luz – Student Project Download


Lily: Colors of Santa Luz is a beautiful narrative-focused adventure created by students at ISART Digital, in which you use stealth and make snap decisions as a father and daughter attempt to escape a dark militia that has invaded the island of Santa Luz.

Told through the eyes of a little girl via memories in her scrapbook, she and her father are attempting to escape … Read More

Star Wars: Docking Bay 94 (Mos Eisley) – Tech Demo Download


Star Wars: Docking Bay 94 (Mos Eisley) is a highly detailed Unreal Engine 4 Powered scene that’s been created by devs at Obsidian (KOTOR 2 & The Stick of Truth), that allows fans to roam around Mos Eisley, soaking up the atmosphere and discovering it’s secrets.

Star Wars: Docking Bay 94 isn’t a game as such, more of an high fidelity interactive experience … Read More