BadLands RoadTrip – Pre-Alpha Demo

BadLands RoadTrip Game Download

BadLands RoadTrip is a promising open world physics based shooter with RPG elements that allows you to assemble your own guns and ammo – allowing you to wield anything from triple barrelled revolvers to chaingun blunderbusses!

The current build of BadLands RoadTrip is very early in development so is still a bit rough graphically and gameplay-wise, but you can experience a little of the story, … Read More

Songbird Symphony – Alpha Demo

Songbird Symphony Game Download

Songbird Symphony is an adorable pixel art platformer with Parappa The Rapper-esque rhythm action elements in which you play a cute little bird who goes in search of his destiny.

In Songbird Symphony you control Birb, a young bird who leaves the safety of his nest to explore the world and discover his true identity. As he ventures out he learns the beautiful musical … Read More