Runescape: Idle Adventures – Open Beta (Steam)

runescape idle adventures

RuneScape: Idle Adventures is a very addictive incremental RPG adventure set in the RuneScape universe, that does away with excessive clicking, in favor of RPG-style quests and dungeons exploring.

What first strikes you about is that you don’t have to click like a maniac to gather resources – everything’s on a timer and you upgrade them with the loot you earn. There are also quests, … Read More

Steam Heart – Game Jam Build Download

Steam Heart

Steam Heart is a ridiculously cool old school run and gun steampunk shooter inspired by Gunstar Heroes and Dynamite Heddy, that’s packed full of powerful weaponry, excellent pixel art animation and huge bosses to blast.

Created for Ludum Dare 36, Steam Heart takes the form of a single level from a long lost Genesis (or Mega Drive) game. It may be one level, but … Read More

The Fall of Lazarus – Alpha Demo

the fall of lazarus 1

The Fall of Lazarus is a very cool Unreal Engine powered sci-fi puzzle adventure in which you wake from hypersleep on a spaceship with acute memory loss and a ‘helpful’ AI who assists you in coming to grips with your predicament.

In The Fall of Lazarus Alpha Demo (which serves as prologue for the full game) you wake up from your cryochamber to find that … Read More

Beholder – Beta Key Giveaway (Steam)

Beholder game

Beholder is a beautifully animated, moral-testing spying game set with a 1984-style oppressive government where privacy is dead and those who don’t conform to it’s rules are severely punished.

We first featured Beholder in July during the Beta sign up and found it to be a very promising mix of building management, spying and Papers, Please-esque moralistic choices, and after having some time with … Read More