Think to Die – Alpha Download

Think to Die

Think to Die is a quirky puzzle platformer in which your aim isn’t to make it to the end of a level – it’s to die in any way possible.

The current Alpha build of Think to Die has over 120 levels and in each one you must find a way to kill yourself. You can’t die from jumping off a ledge, but there are … Read More

Nioh – Beta Demo (PS4)

nioh game

Nioh is a very cool PS4 exclusive blend of Dark Souls-esque gameplay and supernatural samurai action inspired by Japanese folklore that we first featured back in April during the Alpha Demo.  The new build adds gameplay improvements and a whole new stage that will allow players to unlock more content in the full game.

Being created by Team Ninja (Dead or AliveRead More

The Golden Lens – Game Jam Build Download

The Golden Lens game

The Golden Lens is a cleverly crafted Unreal Engine 4-Powered first person puzzler created for the August UE4JAM in which you use lasers to change polarities of objects, allowing you to interact with them or pass straight through them.

The Golden Lens is a new scientific breakthrough by Professor Brooksworth, which allows you to see invisible objects and to see the polarities of them too. … Read More

WaveLand – Alpha Demo

WaveLand download

WaveLand is a fun speedrun-focused platforming adventure that requires mastery of the air-dash button to allow you to find a fast, flowing route through each level.

WaveLand can be played like a traditional Mario-style platformer, as you avoid hazards, find secrets and make your way to the end of the level. It takes on a whole new aspect once you attempt to speedrun your … Read More

Red Void – Student Project Download

Red Void download

Red Void is a very stylish and super challenging Unreal Engine 4-Powered 6 DOF shooter that combines the freedom of movement of Descent with the relentless action of Vanquish, as you attempt to navigate hazard-filled mazes and blast evil red cubes.

Visually Red Void is impressive, but it’s the clever tweaks to the traditional 6 DOF gameplay control scheme that really impresses. Instead of being … Read More