Paperchase – Game Jam Build Download


Paperchase is a well crafted pixel art puzzle platformer in which you play a paper character that can fold into a selection of useful forms, such as boats and paper planes.

Your goal in each deviously designed level is simple, just get to the exit, but there are plenty of obstacles and hazards that block your way. Being made of paper means that you’ll want … Read More

Mad in Heaven – Alpha Demo

Mad in Heaven game

Mad in Heaven is a very creepy and jump scare filled Unreal Engine-powered first person horror in which you play a security guard who has a habit of sleeping on the job and ending up in some truly nightmarish places.

The gameplay in Mad in Heaven feels a little similar to PT, as although it doesn’t feature PT‘s looping corridors, there are some … Read More

Lost Reavers – Open Beta (Wii U)

lost reavers

Lost Reavers is a Wii U-exclusive four player co-op treasure hunting game in which players team up and raid dangerous dungeons, battling deadly enemies and collecting vast amounts of loot which then gets divided among the players after a successful extraction.

Created by Bandai Namco, each match in Lost Reavers sees you entering a dungeon and battling your way into it’s center to grab the … Read More

Phantasmal – Steam Key Giveaway


Phantasmal is one of the most nerve-wrecking and terrifying horror games we’ve ever featured on Alpha Beta Gamer – a procedurally generated nightmare full of dread and jump scares that will really test your sanity.  And to to celebrate it’s full release on Steam we’re doing a giveaway!

We first featured Phantasmal a loooooong time ago when it was just in the early Pre-Alpha stages … Read More

Beans: The Coffee Shop Simulator – Alpha Download

Beans The Coffee Shop Simulator

Beans: The Coffee Shop Simulator is a charming and addictive Kairosoft-esque management sim with a story of murder, deceit and corruption.

The gameplay in will be Beans: The Coffee Shop Simulator fondly familiar to anyone wh’s ever played a Kairosoft game such as Game Dev Story or Hot Springs Story, as it provides an easily accessible and thoroughly addictive take on the management sim … Read More