Happy Leaves – Prototype Download

happy leaves

Happy Leaves is a charming little plant-based puzzle adventure that focuses of the beauty of nature and blooming flowers.

It’s stylish low poly visuals are very pretty to look at (especially once you gain the ability to make flowers grow around you), making the world of Happy Leaves a very pleasant place to be in.  The puzzles aren’t especially tricky, but they do feel innovative … Read More

50 Shades of Cool – Student Project Download

50 shades of cool game

50 Shades of Cool is a stylish retro beat-em-up with rhythm-action elements in which you play the coolest man in the world on a quest to recover his sunglasses collection after it was stolen by a powerful mafia boss.

Created by students at VFS, you fight your way through the game, beating up waves of enemies, pulling off powerful combos and battling bosses as you … Read More

Concrete Jungle – Student Project Download

Concrete Jungle

Concrete Jungle is a great pixel art action adventure that blends side scrolling beat-em-up combat, metroidvania exploration and precision platforming, as you battle humanoid animals across a city.

Best played with a controller (but playable with mouse & keyboard), Concrete Jungle you start the game with little direction and limited skills. You explore the world, battling enemies tackling deadly Super Meat Boy-esque platforming sections … Read More

The Breakfast Club – Game Jam Build Download

the breakfast club

The Breakfast Club is a very silly game in which you and up to 3 other friends possess everyday objects, such as knives, plates and bread, then attempt to make breakfast.

The current build of The Breakfast Club was created for Global Game Jam 2016, and features one level (called ‘Fear & Loafing’) in which you and your friends attempt to toast and butter 6 … Read More

Swapper Story – Student Project Download

swapper story

Swapper Story is a fun game that adds a novel blend of tile swapping to traditional turn based RPG combat to create a unique and strangely addictive adventure.

In Swapper Story you and your motley crew set out on a whimsical quest, punctuated by fun vignettes, branching pathways and fun turn based combat. The character design, UI and animation are all excellent, creating a charming … Read More