Late Night Shop – Pre-Alpha Download

late night shop

Late Night Shop is a terrifying first person horror in which you must escape from evil mannequins that move and stalk you whenever you’re not looking.

Compatible with standard screens or Oculus Rift (and far more terrifying on Rift), Late Night Shop uses the same freaky scare technique as Five Nights At Freddy’s and the Weeping Angels in Doctor Who for some truly pant wetting … Read More

Separated – Game Jam Build Download


Separated is a heartbreaking tale of a misunderstood monster who can’t communicate with the humans in the village, and is doomed to wander the world alone, disliked and unloved.

In the game, you wake into existence in a graveyard filled with fireflies.  As you wander the village, it soon becomes apparent that you’re seen as a monster, to be feared, despised and hated.  You can … Read More

Rocket Fist – Pre-Alpha Demo

Rocket Fist game

Rocket Fist is fun new multiplayer arena combat game that plays a little like a top down version of Nidhogg and dodgeball, with you firing rocket propelled fists at each other in wonderfully chaotic battles.

Played with one to four players, each player starts the game armed with a single rocket fist and must choose their shots wisely.  Once you fire it you have … Read More