Spur – Game Jam Build Download


Spur is a short, adrenaline filled pixel art action game that sees you fending off attacking aliens whilst trying to move a large weapon into range of attacking their mothership.

Created for TOJam 10, Spur takes just a few minutes to play through, but is an action-filled experience from start to finish, as you hack/slash and shoot your way through waves of attacking aliens.  To … Read More

Meteo: Façade – Alpha Demo

meteo facade

Meteo: Facade is a great looking first person point and click adventure in which you wake in in a mysterious underground labyrinth with a strangely naïve girl called Sunnie, and must solve intricate puzzles in order to escape.

This odd underground labyrinth has some beautiful sights to discover and tricky puzzles to decipher. Thankfully though, you don’t have to do it on your own, Sunnie … Read More

Fruit Punch – Student Project

fruit punch

Fruit Punch is an impressive dungeon crawler in which you control fruit-based heroes in order to defeat the insect menace.

Developed by 4 students at Vancouver Film School, Fruit Punch sees you exploring dungeons, taking on nasty insects, collecting loot and levelling up your fruity warriors.  In an interesting twist, you can also put your heroes into a blender, and make juices for your other … Read More

Love Supreme – Prototype Download


Love Supreme is a marvelous little dancing game in which every key on the keyboard is mapped to a different movement of a body part.

Still VERY early in development, the prototype is a short, but joyous taster of things to come, with you busting a groove along to a super catchy funk song.  Most of the keys on the keyboard are mapped to a … Read More

Kick Ass Commandos – Alpha Demo

kick ass commandos

Kick Ass Commandos a fun top-down pixel art Cannon Fodder/Ikari Warriors-esque shooter, full of carnage, OTT weaponry and recruitable commandos that join your squad, turning you from a lone wolf into a wolf pack of bombastic destruction.

The game plays a lot like your typical top down shooter, with WASD used to move and the mouse to aim and fire.  What makes Kick Ass Read More