Rocket Fist – Pre-Alpha Demo

Rocket Fist game

Rocket Fist is fun new multiplayer arena combat game that plays a little like a top down version of Nidhogg and dodgeball, with you firing rocket propelled fists at each other in wonderfully chaotic battles.

Played with one to four players, each player starts the game armed with a single rocket fist and must choose their shots wisely.  Once you fire it you have … Read More

Boxman Begins – Alpha Download

Boxman begins

Boxman Begins is a fast paced low poly multiplayer shooter that pits players in chaotic 3rd person arena matches

The Alpha Demo is only Single Player Vs Bots at the moment, but it’s still great fun, offering adrenaline-fuelled matches full of anarchic fun.  There are two gameplay modes at present – ‘King’ and ‘Pass The Bullet’.  ‘Pass the Bullet’ has snipers passing around a single … Read More

Dyadic – Student Project Download

Dyadic game

Dyadic is an inventive puzzle platformer in which players work together and share to solve complex puzzles in a mysterious ancient ruin.

Created by students of SAE Creative Media Institute, Brisbane, Dyadic impresses with it’s co-operative gameplay and intelligent puzzle design.  It’s meant to be played with two players locally, with each player using one side of a controller, but can be played by one … Read More