Clash: Robot Detective – Game Jam Build Download

Clash: Robot Detective is a narrative driven game where you are making choices that affect how your character acts and what you are doing!

A human in a world full of robots that can help your every need, you find yourself on your first holiday in quite some time, on a relaxing cruise. Well, that is, until a robot goes haywire and starts attacking people … Read More

Hexahedra – Open Beta

Watching machines move, color, clean, and burn parts of boxes, as it moves through a system, rhythmically, creating an output is a magical thing. It’s relaxing to see the system work and create the end product you want to produce. Hexahedra does exactly that; gives you an open-ended programming puzzle that allows you to optimize a factory and create different cubes.

Cubes may sound simple, … Read More

Wumple – Game Jam Build

Wumple is a fun puzzle game where you find yourself making your way through 14 different levels, with more monsters and challenges as time goes on. Each of the levels have a number of children in them, showcased by weird, static heads that do not move, as well as fruit that you can collect for more points. However, there are different monsters that move in … Read More

Skippy – Game Jam Build Download

Skippy allows you to care for an adorable, clay-looking pet in a world that is showcased through videos, with slight decision making along the way.

Skippy was made for the Virtual Pet Jam 2022, and Skippy is the name of your pet. They were left on your doorstep one day, with a note telling you that they want to learn. They do need to eat … Read More

Moon Stealers – Game Jam Build Download

Moon Stealers is a platforming puzzle game where your progression will literally make the game more challenging.

Made for the GM48 game jam, Moon Stealers has you playing as a wizard, who has a magic wand and loves his grandmother. This second point is really important, as you’ve just found out your grandmother has been kidnapped, and you now need to steal moon fragments in … Read More