A Cup’s Life – Game Jam Build

In A Cup’s Life, you control a little cup that spills a bit of water with each move that it makes, with the hopes of making it all the way across a huge kitchen table to a meet your friends.

A tea cup without water is one that shatters and breaks, or at least, this specific cup seems to be unable to survive without … Read More

Blood Pressure – Game Jam Build

Blood Pressure is a challenging single screen arcade game that sees you spraying your own blood at goblins and monsters to kill them.

In Blood Pressure you play as a small white creature who has quite a lot of blood to spare. The issue is, this blood is used to make double jumps and attack monsters, who have no consideration for the time you need … Read More

Death Alley – Game Jam Build

The grim reaper has gone down a strange path, doing some pretty weird things in exchange for souls. Maybe it’s medicine keeping people alive too long, maybe he’s bored, but in Death Alley the grim reaper will allow you to risk your life just to get a chance at a wish being fulfilled.

Most of the wishes he seems used to getting are for dead … Read More

Seaway – Game Jam Build

Seaway is a stylish little seafaring adventure where you you sail through a beautiful ocean, upgrading your ship and battling pirates.

In Seaway, pirates are hidden all around the sea, waiting to start attacking you once you are in range. You’ll need to fight back, firing whatever weapons you have and moving around to avoid shots. This is pretty simple, with left click allowing … Read More

Who Stole My Bone? – Game Jam Build

Who Stole My Bone? is a quirky little narrative adventure game that that takes some unexpected twists as a cute little doggy goes in search of his missing bone.

Your pal, Spudz the dog, has lost their bone (or to be more accurate, he claims it was stolen). Spudz is looking to you for assistance in this important crime case! You can decide how you … Read More