Mandala: Game of Life – Open Beta (iOS & Android)

If you play a lot of board games, you might have heard of Mandala: A Game of Life – a simplistic board game made in the 80s. Recently, this board game has become digital, moving it’s way to phones by the original creator of the physical game.

The game itself is pretty simple – the middle of the board contains a giant portal and you … Read More

Tumble Baby – Game Jam Build

Sliding puzzles have been around forever, so it’s really wonderful when there is a new twist on the genre. Tumble Baby introduces a Lemming-esque baby character, that constantly crawls forward through many dangers, just hoping to find their teddy.

In this three by three grid (with one blank spot) you must move around the different tiles in hopes of making sure the baby can be … Read More

In the Valley of Souls: Deluxe Edition – Game Jam Build Download

In the Valley of Souls: Deluxe Edition is a simplistic and pretty average looking platformer, until you find what the developer is really up too behind this normal-looking shell.

At first, it does feel like you’re just playing a normal platformer – jumping over areas, getting to check points and finding little word bubbles that then allow you to hear what the developer was going … Read More

Efi – Game Jam Build Download

Your baby birds have fallen out of the nest, but in Efi, you can collect them back up, despite being only a bird head with an extremely long neck.

Your birds seem to have fallen into various dungeon-like levels, where you start at a doorway and move forward, automatically. To control yourself in Efi, you can adjust to be moving left or right, … Read More