In the Valley of Souls: Deluxe Edition – Game Jam Build Download

In the Valley of Souls: Deluxe Edition is a simplistic and pretty average looking platformer, until you find what the developer is really up too behind this normal-looking shell.

At first, it does feel like you’re just playing a normal platformer – jumping over areas, getting to check points and finding little word bubbles that then allow you to hear what the developer was going … Read More

Efi – Game Jam Build Download

Your baby birds have fallen out of the nest, but in Efi, you can collect them back up, despite being only a bird head with an extremely long neck.

Your birds seem to have fallen into various dungeon-like levels, where you start at a doorway and move forward, automatically. To control yourself in Efi, you can adjust to be moving left or right, … Read More

BOBO GOOEY – Game Jam Build

BOBO GOOEY is a puzzle platformer where you can use goo to change what plane of existence you are in.

In BOBO GOOEY, you play as BOBO, a gooey person who is trapped inside a laboratory, looking to escape. This is a pretty common idea in games, however, BOBO GOOEY is very unique. There are different squares of slime on the laboratory walls, which … Read More

Manipulation – Game Jam Build Download

Manipulation is a creepy Sci-Fi puzzle game, where you wake up in a room with a mysterious remote control, which can be used in a variety if interesting ways.

With your controller, you have two buttons you can click which each do a different thing. At first, you will be using this controller to open doors to go deeper within this strange tomb-like place. Eventually, … Read More

Black Whist – Game Jam Download

In Black Whist, you are a bounty hunter who must turn over cards and hope it’s your target or something positive, instead of monsters that will fight back

Black Whist is a card based, single room dungeon-type game where your bounty hunting character is a card within a grid. You don’t ever need to move around the grid, but instead, you must select and … Read More