Attack of the Evil Poop – Alpha Demo

Attack of the Evil Poop is a super silly and incredibly gross first person combat game where you fight massive sentient turds who really don’t want to be flushed!

in Attack of the Evil Poop your character has just taken a bunch of medicine to make himself slimmer. Unfortunately the medication has messed with your digestive system, causing you to pooping out massive sentient poops … Read More

Off Grid – Kickstarter Demo

Off Grid takes you on an stealth hacking adventure that explores data privacy and mass surveillance, where data is your most powerful weapon you as you search for your missing daughter.

Your daughter was a hacker – and recently her group has been raided and she is nowhere to be found. Unsure of what most of this technology, you have embarked on an adventure to … Read More

When the Shutter Stops – Kickstarter Demo

When the Shutter Stops is a visual novel/point and click adventure hybrid that takes you through the story of Pri, a young kid and hard-nosed private investigator, who is trying to solve a very important murder.

Pri is a private detective – underage, not legally allowed to live on her own, and very talented. She normally does client work, digging up dirt on individuals and … Read More

Yet Another Exhausting Day – Prototype Download

Yet Another Exhausting Day, a charming physics-based platforming adventure about ordinary people living exhausting lives, has you slinking and rolling around pillow-filled rooms, trying to avoid falling asleep!

In Yet Another Exhausting Day you take control of three young individuals who are tying to avoid sleep long enough to reach their beds. However, you’ll need to make your way through a series of obstacle-filled … Read More

Hot Pot – Game Jam Build

Hot Pot, an adorable physics based cooking game made for the A Game By It’s Cover 2018 jam, has you controlling a little hot pot who makes soup out of the ingredients it pilfers from around the town.

You are a cute, sentient pot of boiling water, hoping to bring delicious soup to everyone who craves it. As a pot, you don’t have a … Read More