Motherhome – Game Jam Build

Motherhome, a shooter made for the Global Game Jam, sees you traveling around a strange biological game world, collecting food to bring home.

You play a little blob that lives within a much bigger blob (your Motherhome). This Motherhome doesn’t move, but floats in space waiting for you to bring food to it. Your safe inside your Motherhome, but when you venture outside you … Read More

Seven Days in Purgatory – Game Jam Build

Seven Days in Purgatory, a Papers, Please inspired management game made for the TV Game Jam, puts you in charge of making sure the right people go to ‘the good place’ and ‘the bad place’.

In your new job, the grim reaper himself informs you each day of new rules. These rules are then put in your rules book and you must judge as … Read More

Abri – Game Jam Build Download

Abri, an atmospheric Global Game Jam 2019 game, allows you to explore a strange planet, lighting totems and collecting chests, which then help you explore more of the planet.

After landing on an alien planet you now are able to explore outside your little pod. The world around you is vastly unexplored, but full of interesting plants and objects. Chests dotted around the world … Read More

Everyone’s Sky – Game Jam Build

Everyone’s Sky, an Asteroids-esque space shooter made for the JS13K competition, sees you roaming around space, taking calls from planets, making friends, making enemies and doing odd jobs.

In Everyone’s Sky you fly around space, shooting meteors to collect resources and contacting planets. Some planets are already enemies, while others are friends. You can choose to ignore messages or take them if you … Read More

Atherspirit – Game Jam Build

Atherspirit, a clever little platformer made for the Ludum Dare 43, has you killing yourself so that your soul can enter other bodies and use their unique skills.

You are a little ghost – one without a body or purpose in this world. That is, until you start possessing the bodies of other creatures. One creature, of course, doesn’t have all of the skill … Read More