BOBO GOOEY – Game Jam Build

BOBO GOOEY is a puzzle platformer where you can use goo to change what plane of existence you are in.

In BOBO GOOEY, you play as BOBO, a gooey person who is trapped inside a laboratory, looking to escape. This is a pretty common idea in games, however, BOBO GOOEY is very unique. There are different squares of slime on the laboratory walls, which … Read More

Manipulation – Game Jam Build Download

Manipulation is a creepy Sci-Fi puzzle game, where you wake up in a room with a mysterious remote control, which can be used in a variety if interesting ways.

With your controller, you have two buttons you can click which each do a different thing. At first, you will be using this controller to open doors to go deeper within this strange tomb-like place. Eventually, … Read More

Black Whist – Game Jam Download

In Black Whist, you are a bounty hunter who must turn over cards and hope it’s your target or something positive, instead of monsters that will fight back

Black Whist is a card based, single room dungeon-type game where your bounty hunting character is a card within a grid. You don’t ever need to move around the grid, but instead, you must select and … Read More

Tumbleweed Typo Hunter – Game Jam Build Download

Tumbleweed Typo Hunter puts you in the spurred boots of a Wild West bounty hunter, searching for typos in 3D town scenes where everyone is words instead of people – even you!

Your name is Hero, and in each level is filled with a bunch of other words, some of which are misspelled. Misspelled words do not belong in this world, so you must shoot … Read More

The Well – Game Jam Build Download

Some games bring you on a strange journey, captivating you as you try to figure out what happens next. The Well is an abstract adventure game where wild stuff just seems to keep happening, without any explanation.

At first, The Well looks pretty simple. There is just a blank world, with a single well in the middle and a coin sitting on the side. With … Read More