Doors – Student Game

Ever wonder about every single door that you see in a video game? Well, to be honest, I haven’t either, but Doors really puts all of the different properties of doors in perspective, and seems to analyse the heck out of them.

Doors is a point and click adventure game where you play as detective Clickclick, who has been called to the Doors Inn, in … Read More

From World 1, with Love – Game Jam Build Download

Memories and items from our past are a bit of a hard topic to understand and process. In From World 1, With Love, you start off in a perfectly created, polished pixelated world, being told about how the previous world – the first ever world – is currently being destroyed. And you are assigned to try and help anyone still left in this world.… Read More

Grabanakki – Game Jam Build

When your only weapon is the floor under your feet, you know your ammo and time in this area is pretty limited. Grabanakki is an action platformer where you can only use the blocks at your feet to defend yourself.

In each level of Grabanakki enemies will appear and travel from one side of the screen to another, from the top to the bottom, around … Read More

Bleeding Edge Software – Game Jam Build Download

Bleeding Edge Software is a mysterious and strange puzzle game that acts like an average decision based card game, until you end up with too many errors.

At first, when starting up Bleeding Edge Software, you think you are just going to be taking on the role of a programmer, making decisions to keep the different stats at the top of the screen balanced. … Read More