Tuned in to Love – Game Jam Build

Tuned in to Love, a silly automotive dating simulator made for the Global Game Jam 2018, has you chatting over the Ham Radio and trying to meet the love of your life.

In Tuned in to Love you are an enthusiast in the automotive world, traveling around in your truck, always on the road. Being on the road is lonely at times, but you … Read More

Blossom – Game Jam Build Download

Blossom, a stylish musical platformer made for the GDL Jam, sees you collecting a beautiful melody for a silent world.

In Blossom you play as a small robot called Tinker, who knew of the world before it grew silent. This world had wonderful sounds, footsteps, and music. Without these features, the world feels lifeless. Tinker wants to fix that, bringing both sound and light … Read More

Neural bOts – Game Jam Build Download

Neural bOts, a rage-inducing precision flying game fittingly made for the Rage Game Jam, has you attempting to manoeuvre a small robot through a a course filled with deadly hazards.

In Neural bOts you control small robots that enter deadly assault course. These robots are circular, with a rocket that can rotate around their body. Controlling each robot is quite the challenge in itself, … Read More

Mating Season – Game Jam Build Download

Mating Season, an adorable matchmaker game made for the Agility – a Game Jam Performance, sees you playing Cupid for a variety of weird and wonderful animals, then watching as they create some even weirder offspring!

Lots of bizarre animals can be seen wandering around in the huge land of Mating Season. Some are animals that you may recognize; foxes or bears. … Read More

Trapped Demon – Game Jam Build

Trapped Demon, a dual control puzzle platformer made for the Let’s Create Game Jam #2, has you taking control of disposable humans and using them to help you navigate a trap-filled dungeon.

You are a demon, trapped deep within a dungeon. This dungeon is inescapable on your own – you cannot move through lasers or get to buttons to open walls. Luckily for you, … Read More