Dimension Drifter – Game Jam Build Download


Dimension Drifter, a platformer made for the MiniLD #59, has you exploring a multidimensional universe where entire tile-sets and sprite databases change in an instant.

In this fun platformer, everything changes at the end of each level. No two levels look or act the same. Each level has floating objects that can be collected, as well as an end door. Once you go through … Read More

Crossworld Club – GameJam Browser Build

Crossworld Club

Crossworld Club, a short, humorous game made for the Ludum Dare 30, has you attempting to start a billion dollar franchise in a club populated by famous characters, from Mario to Batman.

Your boss has sent you to the Crossworld Club, a famous club full of many high profile people. He is hoping you will be able to get contact information from all … Read More

Electric Moon – Game Jam Build

electric moon

Electric Moon, a puzzling platformer made for the Less Than 5 Minutes of Play Jam, has you running from an evil robot moon.

In this challenging game, you play a robot who needs to destroy the electric moon. This moon floats around you, looking to charge at you and destroy you (Imagine the sun from Super Mario Brothers 2, but instead a strange, robo-moon … Read More

Bad Onion – Prototype Download

Bad Onion

Bad Onion, a brutally funny game made for the Let’s Cook Jam, see’s you playing an onion carrying out a variety of heists with your banana friend, making choices that affect how smoothly the heist goes and how much blood is spilled.

You and your banana buddy have turned to a life of crime – robbing stores and double crossing drug dealers, in … Read More

Soopa Vs The Universal Conquest Bagel – Game Jam Build Download

soopa vs

Soopa vs the Universal Conquest Bagel, an action platformer made for the Universal Conquest Bagel Jam, needs you to save the small country of Derpensnaans from evil, oversized bagels!

An enormous space-bagel full of power has targeted a little restaurant in this small town. This bagel was able to fire a beam of energy into the restaurant, causing all the food to turn evil … Read More