Trosor – Game Jame Build Download


Trosor, made for the Ludum Dare 34 game jam is a colourful platformer with some light shooting – except there aren’t any enemies.

Exploring the theme ‘Two Button Controls’ enforced by the Ludum Dare competition, Trosor sees you, the player navigating simple ‘get to the exit’ style levels using just two buttons – Jump, and Shoot.

When the player jumps, he jumps forwards. When … Read More

Milgram – Game Jam Build Download

milgram game

Milgram, made for the Ludum Dare 34, describes itself as a game where you press one button, or the other button. This, for all intents and purposes, is factually correct.

We prefer however, to describe it as kind of a diet The Stanley Parable, 2013’s slick, critically acclaimed piece of interactive fiction that challenged us all to re-think what we thought we knew … Read More

Legends of Callasia – Open Beta

legends of callasia game

Now there’s a fair amount to take in here, folks, but it’s worth it so stick with us. Legends of Callasia plays out like the intimidating love-child of Civilization V, Heroes of Might and Magic and Risk. After choosing a hero from a handful of different fantasy backgrounds and races such as The Hundred Kingdoms, The Faeborne and The Revenant, you’ll be presented … Read More

PRiO – Alpha Demo


PRiO is a challenging and addictive puzzle-platformer based around manipulating the environment around you.

You play as ball with semi-limited movement – WASD to move around, and SPACE to jump and double jump.  Like all good puzzle games, things start with a simple premise. Hovering above a seemingly bottomless cavern are a series of coloured blocks that must be lit up by touching them, before … Read More

Dead Acres – Beta Key Giveaway (Steam)

Dead Acres Game

Dead Acres is a survival farming game by Glowstick Games where players must grow crops and defend their farm from an impending zombie apocalypse.

Much like it’s visual style, Dead Acres gameplay is at first glance similar to that of Minecraft. Using the small set of tools available to you from the beginning, you’ll start your day tending to your farm – preparing nearby land … Read More