Auto Fire – Alpha Download

Auto Fire is a tactical turn based vehicular combat game where you drive and fight your way through a Mad Max-esque post apocalyptic wasteland where “the only way to thrive is to drive”.

Drawing inspiration from 80s classics like Car Wars, Autoduel and Road war, Auto Fire delivers a unique and fast paced turn-based vehicular combat gameplay experience. In the game you take control of a lone driver who must use their driving skills (and a whole lot of weaponry) to survive and make a living in a Mad Max-esque post apocalyptic world. You earn cash by completing missions and battling enemies and you’re able to customize your car with a wide range of weaponry and other loot that you pick up.

The entire game is turn based (not just the combat sections) and the speed and direction your car has an effect on where your car goes when you turn it (which can take a little getting used to). During combat speed is your friend, with you earning extra turns the faster your car is going. Your car will auto-aim a weapon for you, which helps keep up the speed of the battles and focus on your driving, but you can manually select them yourself if you’d prefer.

There are a few irritations with the current build of Auto Fire – picking up loot is a bit of a hassle and it can be a little confusing where the momentum of your car will take your when you make a turn. It’s a lot of fun through and it delivers an entirely new tactical turn based experience where you only have to focus on one unit (you car) and battles play out very quickly. Drive fast and think faster to survive this a post-apocalyptic wasteland!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Auto Fire Alpha Here (Windows)