Avarice – Student Project Game Download

Avarice is a tense narrative driven first person horror game set in the 1900’s that draws inspiration from P.T. and tells the story of one man’s descent into mental hell following a tragic incident.

Created by a group of Norwegian students, Avarice is a tense and atmospheric first person horror game that puts you in the shoes of Edward Armitage, a 1900’s explorer who has returned home after his latest expedition went wrong. You learn about Edward and what happened on that trip as you explore his large ostentatious home filled with relics from his expeditions.

The rooms in Avarice form a P.T.-esque loop, with the environment changing in subtle (and not to subtle) ways throughout. There are little scares (most of which are from audio cues), but it’s more about taking in the atmosphere and unravelling the story than running from a monster.

It’s an impressive little horror game with high quality visuals, an interesting narrative and a great sense of atmosphere. A shadowy figure appears now and again, but the scariest things in Avarice are the things that you don’t see – such as something banging and turning a handle from the other side of a door. A well designed horror game and a great twist on the P.T. looping corridor template. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Avarice Here (Windows)