Avengers: United Battle Force – Alpha Download

Avengers United Battle Force Download

Avengers: United Battle Force is an awesome OpenBOR-based retro beat-em-up that’s inspired by the classic Captain America and Avengers arcade game, but with loads of new characters and lots of cool new features.

The current build of Avengers: United Battle Force features 16 playable starting characters, a selection of secret unlockable characters, 19 support characters and 10 bosses to battle as you make it through it’s 15+ stages. It boasts a wide array of great features, including branching routes through levels, custom voiced characters, alternative modes for certain characters, unlockable bonus modes and fun combat that allows for combos, special moves and devastating Hyper Moves.

It has an impressive list of features and the pixel art animation is excellent throughout, but surprisingly for a game that’s based on a decades old arcade game, it’s the combat that’s the most compelling feature of Avengers: United Battle Force. The sprites may not be as large as a Final Fight-style beat-em-up, but the more zoomed out view allows for a larger play area and makes the combat feel more involved and skill based – especially as the combat is so fast and fluid.

It’s a great bit of retro beat-em-up action with lots of fan service and surprisingly fresh feeling combat. Avengers assemble for some kick ass side-scrolling arcade action!

Note: Once Unzipped You’ll Find The Game in the OpenBOR Folder. Press Alt + Enter for Full Screen

Check Out a Full List of Character Commands and Special Moves Here

Download The Avengers United Battle Force Alpha Here (Windows & Linux)