Avenging Angel – Pre-Alpha Download

Avenging Angel

Avenging Angel is a very pretty single-player first person action adventure game set in a steampunk version of planet earth, aproximatley 10 thousand years from now.

You play an Associate of the Inventors Guild, dropped to an island on the Atlantic Ocean on a routine maintenance job. As you venture through the island, it becomes clear that all is not right on this strange island.  The steampunk setting of Avenging Angel is excellent, full of decaying steam powered equipment and some rather cool looking robotic enemies.

Although there is weaponry to be used in Avenging Angel (the Pre-Alpha Demo features duel wielding flintlocks and a Katana), it’s by no means just a first person shooter.  It’s more of a first person puzzle adventure with some shooty bits thrown into the mix (including a run in with a very cool looking mechanical spider).  In the Pre-Alpha Demo these puzzles are fairly easy to solve, but as it’s a large open world that you’re exploring, you may have to know where to look (hint: check out the house on your right first).

Dark Amber Softworks have created a beautiful world, full of mystery and wonder.  A full playthrough of the Avenging Angel Pre-Alpha demo will take less than 20 minutes, and once it’s finished you’ll dying for more.  Better get voting then!

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Download the Pre-Alpha Demo with an ebook revealing more about the game HERE (Press ‘I’ for inventory)