Avian – Beta Download

Avian is a beautiful musical third person platforming adventure where a guardian of a long lost civilization uses a flute to transform/move objects in the world.

In Avian you take on the role of a guardian of a lost civilization who sets out to save his fallen brothers. You can jump and glide through the air, and you also have a very handy flute which you can play four different notes on.

Playing the correct note in the vicinity of certain plant-life and objects activates them in useful ways. So for instance, it can make a door open, make a flower unfurl so you can use it as a platform or make a coiled plant fire you high into the air.

It’s a beautiful and tranquil game with a vast underground world that feels very organic and peaceful. There’s lots to discover as you explore and it’s refreshing that your abilities are more geared towards working with nature rather than fighting it.

Download Avian Here (Windows)