Awake – Game Jam Build Download


Awake, a time bending point and click adventure made for the Adventure Jam, has you stuck in a time loop as you attempt to prevent your inevitable death at the hands of an unknown killer lurking in the woods.

You and your girlfriend have decided to go camping in the woods, with a caravan and all the other camping accessories. You seem to have dozed off, and upon waking up want to leave the caravan. Walking around, exploring the woods, that’s when something strange happens. Someone captures you, throws you in the boot of a car and drives it over a cliff.

But you wake up, right back in the caravan, to replay this horrible fate again. There must be something you can do to stop your fate – some way to defeat this murderer. You can collect many different objects dotted around the camp, but don’t spend too much time collecting, as he will come for you. Each time you die, you’ll learn a little more about your fate, and hopefully find a way to prevent it. But this killer is smart – he may change the way he is killing you to fit the restrictions you put on him.

Awake really impresses with it’s stylish visuals, great voice work and intriguing core concept.  You’ll die many times in this Groundhog Day-esque adventure, but will you eventually manage to save your life?

Download Awake Here (Win, Mac & Linux)