Awakening – Beta Key giveaway (Oculus Go & Gear VR)

Awakening is a VR action strategy game for Oculus Go and Gear VR devices that sees you trying to navigate a network of floating platforms to reach the highest point and take on the level boss.

In Awakening your aim is to climb to the top of each level’s algorithmically generated network of floating islands. To jump to a new platform you simply point at the platform and press the trigger to create a clone of yourself, then release the trigger to transfer to the new clone. As you make your way across the platforms the Guardian (end boss) and its Protectors will steal energy from you, which you must top up by siphoning energy from platforms with object on them. You can siphon a lot of energy from the Protectors, but if you do it too much then the Guardian will plant a bomb near you (which you have to move away from quickly to avoid damage).

Taking down the Guardian and the Protectors is a strategic affair. They are constantly scanning the playing area for you so you have to keep moving (and you can also use Distractors to distract them). The Protectors are weaker than the Guardian so you can survive a few seconds in their gaze, but it’s best to sneak up on them. You’ll have to sneak up on the Guardian too, but will also have to deal with a powerful shield thich you have to destroy first (and will knock you back to the perimeter when it’s destroyed).

It’s got a great visual style and Awakening is certainly one of the deeper Oculus Go/Gear VR games, with a lot of strategy involved in making your way across the levels. We have 100 Awakening Beta keys to giveaway! To claim yours just carry out any three actions in the widget below and your key will appear instantly. Please redeem your keys here (once you’ve logged into your Oculus account). There’s a global leaderboard that’s ranked by the highest level reached (during the testing phase you’ll be able to save your level state for 1 cent).

You Can Follow The Development of Awakening Here

Awakening – Beta Key Giveaway!