AWAY: The Survival Series – Prototype Download

AWAY: The Survival Series is a beautiful animal adventure game where you control a cute little gliding possum as it goes on an epic adventure deep into the wilderness.

Drawing inspiration from nature documentaries, AWAY: The Survival Series allows you to become a sugar glider (a type of possum that can glide through the air), as you travel across lush forest environments in search of safer lands. You’ll be able to explore on foot, but you can also use your gliding abilities to take to the air. The world is full of wildlife, big and small, but you’re not top of the food chain, so you’ll have to be careful as you make your journey.

The current prototype build of AWAY: The Survival Series allows you to test out your little sugar glider’s gliding skills It features three missions where you soar down a mountainside and attempt to catch a dragonfly. Complete those three missions and you’ll unlock a free roam mode, which not only gives you freedom to explore the mountainside, but also allows you to temporarily turn into different types of animals, such as lizards, rodents and crabs.

It may only be a prototype, but the visuals in the current build of AWAY: The Survival Series are beautiful and it’s great fun gliding your little possum down the mountain. There’s lots to discover and you get a real thrill as you soar through tight gaps and avoid the many obstacles in your way. Highly recommended.

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Download The AWAY: The Survival Series Prototype Here (Windows)