Axel The Penguin – Alpha Demo

Axel the penguin game

Axel The Penguin, a game being created by Celesoft, is a massive nostalgic trip back to a time when blue hedgehogs ran at super sonic speeds, and Cats loved collecting their yarn and defeating strange bunny like creatures.

You play as Axel the Penguin, on a journey of epic proportions. You music traverse strange new worlds and defeat enemies and there leaders in hopes of finding oyur girlfriend and returning to your peaceful home. Bit inly is the world around you constantly moving, the native wildlife is out to get you. Snails, bats and even the earth itself has been put in place to stop your efforts in their tracks. Can you make it through the treacherous terrain and rescue the one you love, or will the enemies get the last laugh?

Axel the Penguin is a puzzle platformer heavily inspired by the Sega Mastersystem era. The creator has used the typical 8bit animation and drawing style and uplifted it with a 16bit colour pallet, giving the game a fresher, edgy look compared to the games that inspired it. The character is controlled by using your keyboard, the arrow keys move the character and z and x jump and shoot respectively. The controls handle superbly, making the smallest nudge make you miss a jump and fall to your death.

This game was also recently greenlight and will be hitting the steam store once Celesoft has a finished product. Axel the Penguin is definitely worth your time if you’re a fan of old school platformers that offer a real challenge.

Check out the Greenlight Page Here

Download the Axel The Penguin Alpha Demo Here