Aye Fair Lady – Game Jam Build

Aye Fair Lady is a hilarious musical point and click adventure that sees you attempting to win a singing competition so that you can put an end to the tyranny of National Singing Day.

In Aye Fair Lady you take control of Steggy, who you may remember from her previous hilarious outing in Holy Mollusomony, as she attempts to put an end to National Singing Day – a day where everyone is forced to sing instead of talk. Some people, including Steggy’s best friend, seem to actually like National Singing Day, but Steggy hates it and hatches a plan to win the national singing competition, so she can meet the organiser and kill him. In true point and click adventure tradition, winning the competition will require you to borrow/steal a few items which will help with your presentation, dance moves and lyrics – and to get them you’ll have to endure the singing skills of a variety of quirky characters and even join in yourself!

Taking around 15 minutes to play through, Aye Fair Lady is a very funny little adventure that we highly recommend checking out. It’s full of quirky characters, fun puzzles and great dialogue. Surprisingly for a game created in just two weeks, the songs are genuinely good too – thanks largely to the wonderfully witty lyrics and a generous helping of autotune. Maybe National Singing Day isn’t so bad after all if it’s spawned such great songs!

Note: We did encounter a crash that happened during the singing section at the mechanics workshop, but if you encounter it just quit and reload the game again – it autosaves your progress.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Aye Fair Lady Here (Windows & Mac)