BÅÅBÖSÅÅNGJÅÅR is a very weird semi-horror adventure where you relive old memories via old video tapes as you attempt to track down your family.

In BÅÅBÖSÅÅNGJÅÅR you have returned your family home to find that it’s not actually your family home and your family is nowhere to be seen. The only thing there is a mysterious VHS player that you can use to watch old video recordings you made. The recordings transport you back into those old memories, allowing you to explore them, chat to the various oddball people within them and hopefully unravel the mystery of where your family went.

The BÅÅBÖSÅÅNGJÅÅR demo features a short intro area and the first video tape of the game, which transports you to a shopping mall at Christmas time. It’s essentially a large interactive diorama, which you can wander around, inspect various objects and chat to its weird inhabitants. The only real goals are to chat to your friend and look at a Christmas tree, but there’s LOTS of fun stuff to discover as you wander around.

The surreal glitchy VHS word of BÅÅBÖSÅÅNGJÅÅR is a fascinating place to explore and you never know what wild conversation you’ll have next with its inhabitants. It feels like your memories of the people and places have become distorted and corrupted, and your character’s overactive imagination is filling in the blanks. It makes for a very weird and enjoyably confusing experience that’s filled with wild surprises. A bizarre video tape adventure well worth pressing play on.

Download The BÅÅBÖSÅÅNGJÅÅR Alpha Demo Here (Windows)