Babble Royale – Open Beta

Babble Royale is a clever fusion of battle royale and Scrabble style word making, where players create words to earn points, travel away from the danger zone and eliminate other players.

In Babble Royale sixteen players parachute a starting letter into the game’s tile-based arena and attempt to be the last one standing. Each player has a selection of letters they can lay with rules that are similar to Scrabble/Words with Friends. You earn points for each word you lay, which you can then use to purchase upgrades and power-ups.

At any one time you generally only have one “live” word, with it the last one that you played. You can only connect letters to that word and if that word is still live when it is enveloped by the Hot Zone then you’ll start to lose health until you inevitably die or lay another word outside the Hot Zone. If you manage to lay a word that successfully connects your live word to another player’s live word then you’ll eliminate them and earn a nice point bonus into the bargain.

Scrabble and battle royale may sound like an odd mix (because it is), but It’s a very addictive game that has a nice blend of word making and tactics. Winning’s not just about creating the best words, it’s about where and when you play them. Highly recommended.

Download The Babble Royale Beta Here (Steam)