BA:BEET – Game Jam Build

BA:BEET is a thoroughly bizarre physics based action game where you feed souls to a satanic beetroot while listening to death metal.

In BA:BEET you use the two analog sticks of your controller (or WASD & the Arrow Keys) to move the two hands on screen, and in turn attempt to grab the large satanic beetroot that bounces around the screen. Your aim is to feed the beetroot the souls that are flying towards you in the tunnel (or colon perhaps) you’re travelling through to make it worthy of the Dark Lord.

The current build of BA:BEET feels more than a prototype than a fully fledged game as there’s no real objective, no health bar, no score counter and no way to fail – you just travel down the tunnel until the music stops. It’d be nice to see it expanded on in the future though as it’s a great concept and the way you have to physically manhandle the beetroot with your two hands is great fun. A quirky little satanic vegetable tunnel runner with a lot of potential.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download BA:BEET Here (Windows)