Baby Blues Nightmares – Beta Demo

Baby Blues Nightmares is a very creepy stealth survival horror game where a traumatized toddler attempts to track down his missing toys.

In Baby Blues Nightmares you are a toddler called Aiden, who has a favorite collection of grotesque toys from a TV show called Red Belly and Friends. Aiden favors his ugly toys because he doesn’t like it when people feel left out. However, one dark and stormy night he wakes up and all of his toys are gone. He goes in in search of them, but his house feels very sinister, his parents are arguing and monsters roam the halls.

The Baby Blues Nightmares takes around 20 minutes to play through and is a tense experience that does a good job of environmental storytelling and freaking you out. It probably falls into the category of mascot horror, but it’s a good take on the genre that doesn’t feel as generic as all the Poppy’s Playtime/BanBan clones. It’s also got an interesting story, a terrifying monster and some fun little touches (such as being able to draw on the walls). A well crafted nightmare.

Check Out a Baby Blues Nightmares Gameplay Video Here

Download Baby Blues Nightmares Here (Steam)

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