Baby’s First House Fire – Game Jam Build Download

babys first house fire

Baby’s First House Fire is a very silly physics based action game in which you control firemen attempting to rescue babies from a burning building.

There are a lot of babies and a lot of fire, so it’s unlikely that you’ll save them all but you must use any means available to save as many as possible (from throwing them out an open window to blasting them out with your water gun).  You can play Baby’s First House Fire in single player, but you’ll stand a far better chance of success in local multiplayer, with up to four players working together, each using different fire-fighting items to aid the infants rescue.  The water gun is the best weapon to quell the flames, the fire axe also comes in handy for destroying furniture that impedes your progress.

It’s a delightfully chaotic experience saving babies from a running building, especially with four players charging into the flames.  Good luck fighting this pixel inferno!

Note:  360 Control Pads required to play, Multiplayer is recommended as Single Player is very tough!

Download Baby’s First House Fire HERE