Back 4 Blood – Open Beta (PC, Xbox, Playstation)

Back 4 Blood is now in open Beta on PC, Xbox and Playstation, so now everyone can jump in for some Left 4 Dead style co-op mutant zombie-blasting fun!

As we mentioned during the closed Beta sign up, Back 4 Blood is essentially the Left 4 Dead sequel you always wanted. It’s created by the same development team (Turtle Rock Studios) and features frantic four player co-op where you and three friends attempt to fend off the mutant zombie hordes (called the Ridden).

The Open Beta is live now and will run until August 16th at noon PT. It features Left 4 Dead style PvE modes (Classic, Survivor and Hard) and it also features a PvP Swarm Mode, where you can play as the humans or six different types of Ridden.

It really is everything you could possibly want from a Left 4 Dead sequel in all but name. The Open Beta is available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5, Epic Game Store and Steam. So jump in now for some co-op zombie blasting carnage!

Check Out the Open Beta on Steam Here (Steam)

Special thanks to TheRealMathyno for the heads up about this Beta!