Back To Dust – Game Jam Build Download

Back To Dust is a beautifully drawn and thought provoking narrative adventure that really tests your humanity as you decide who to add to your refugee group as you and your daughter try to make it to the border.

In Back To Dust you take on the role of a father who is trying to make it to the border of a war torn country with his daughter. Along the way you’ll come across randomly generated strangers who tell you a little about themselves and ask to join your group. You only have a limited supply of food so can’t afford to help everyone, but a lot of the time when you refuse them then it’ll make your happiness drop. If your food drops to zero then your happiness will start to drop also, and if your happiness drops to zero then it’s game over.

Making the decisions about who joins and who you leave is tough, not only are their stories often harrowing, but you need to be sure to balance your happiness and your hunger levels. This often means that you need to try to accept people that will bring something to the group – such as a baker who brings food or a musical who lifts your spirits.

It’s quite a tough game and a lot of your attempts will end in failure, but if you do make it to the border there are four different endings depending on your decisions. It’s a clever piece of storytelling that pits self-preservation against humanity as you decide the fates of those who ask for your assistance. Highly recommended.

Download Back To Dust Here (Windows)