Back to the Dawn – Beta Demo

Back to the Dawn is an immersive pixel art RPG adventure where a wrongly convicted journalist fox attempts to escape from prison.

In Back to the Dawn you step into the shoes of a journalist who was poking his nose into some of the mayor’s shady dealings and ended up being framed for drug posession in return. You’re now locked up in the slammer where you’ll need to use a mixture of bribery, trickery and thievery as you attempt to make your escape, prove your innocence and get revenge on the mayor.

Back to the Dawn has a day/night cycle, with you able to visit certain locations (such as the rec area or the canteen) at certain times of the day. Most of the time you have plenty of freedom to explore the prison and go about your day. Among other things you can spend your time making friends (or enemies), stealing useful stuff, searching for clues, bribing, fighting, exercising or you can just keep your head down and be a good prisoner. The choice is yours, but you’ll only have 21 days to escape!

It’s a fantastic game and it’s perhaps a little ironic that you’re given so much freedom to play the game however you like within the confines of a prison. The amount of detail and interactions you can have in Back to the Dawn’s large animal-filled prison is remarkable. There’s always something interesting to do or someone to talk to and the pixel art animation is superb. You’ll have a blast in this excellent prison break adventure!

Download The Back to the Dawn Beta Demo Here (Steam)