Backbone: Prologue – Beta Demo

Backbone: Prologue is a beautifully animated noir-styled point and click detective adventure set in a city of anthropomorphic animals, where you set out on a simple case of a cheating husband and soon find much out darker dealings are going in.

In Backbone: Prologue you take on the role of a raccoon private eye who has just landed a case involving a suspected cheating husband. The husband is a bad tempered otter who works at a bank and likes to hang out at a local bar called The Bite. It’s a seedy establishment that seems to be a hotbed of cheating and prostitution, but what’s going on with your suspected cheating otter may be a whole lot darker…

Backbone: Prologue is a prologue/demo for the upcoming successfully Kickstarted full game and features around half an hour’s worth of content. It features a nice mixture of exploration, stealth, conversation and puzzles. There’s lots of interesting characters to talk to and although there’s only one major puzzle in the current build, it’s very well implemented and requires some real though to solve.

Aside from the lack of any voice-overs Backbone: Prologue a very highly polished experience with interesting characters, witty dialogue and an intriguing narrative. The stunning 2.5D pixel art animation brings the grimy crime-infested city to life and (combined with the excellent soundtrack) it really manages to nail the noir style it’s going for. Highly Recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Backbone: Prologue Here (Steam)