Backpack Hero – Beta Demo

Backpack Hero is a roguelike dungeon crawler where you need to optimally organize your equipment in your backpack and battle monsters.

In Backpack Hero you control a little mouse with a big backpack as they battle their way through levels of a dungeon filled with monsters. The combat is turn-based and you perform actions by clicking on different weapons and consumables in your backpack (click a sword to attack etc.)

There’s lots of loot to collect, but you only have a little space in your backpack. As you level up you can carry more objects, but you’re always fighting for space and you’ll need to make some tough decisions about what to leave and what to take. Lots of items have buffs or debuffs on surrounding objects too, so it’s not just a case of making them fit in your backpack, but finding the optimal place to put them too.

It’s a very addictive game with easily accessible gameplay, a clever combat system and lots of cool loot to collect (if you can squeeze it into your backpack). If you like Resident Evil’s classic inventory system, loot and roguelike gameplay, this will definitely be your bag. Highly recommended.

Play The Backpack Hero Beta Demo Here (Browser)