Backrooms: The Project – Beta Demo

Backrooms: The Project is a very intense found footage styled first person horror game where you attempt to escape through multiple levels of the Backrooms.

One minute you’re wandering around an art gallery with your other half and the next you find yourself sucked into the Backrooms. You now need to explore, search for useful objects, solve puzzles and find some means of escape. All while avoiding the many possible ways to die.

There are two types of Backrooms games – ones where you wander around randomly in massive spaces for ages and ones that are more linear and more filled with content. Backrooms: The Project falls into the later category, and it’s a very well made one too.

The demo takes around 30 minutes to play though and features two possible endings. It has a nice mixture of horror and humor, and there’s plenty of interesting stuff to discover as you explore. The camera movement and visual effects make for a very immersive experience and there’s a very intense chase sequence too. Definitely one of the more horrifying trips to the Backrooms that you’ll take!

Check Out a Backrooms: The Project Gameplay Video Here

Download The Backrooms: The Project Beta Demo Here (Steam)