Backspace Bouken – Alpha Download

Backspace Bouken is a retro styled Eye of the Beholder-esque dungeon crawler where you type to battle enemies and solve puzzles.

In Backspace Bouken you take on the role of a young typist called Kana who enters a mysterious tower, armed only with a keyboard to fend off the monsters within it. As you make your way through the tower you’ll battle monsters, save NPCs, collect passwords and solve puzzles. You move around using the WASD/cursor keys as in a traditional Eye of the Beholder style dungeon crawler, but when it comes to combat you need to type out the phrases on screen to dispatch your enemies.

As the combat is entirely typing based your enjoyment of Backspace Bouken will no doubt depend on how good a typist you are (particularly at the moment as there are no difficulty settings). However, if you’re a half-decent typist then there’s a lot to like about Backspace Bouken – the retro visuals are full of charm, the tower is an interesting place to explore and it may even improve your typing skills as you play!

Download Backspace Bouken Here (Windows, Mac & Linux)