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Bad Ass Babes is a B-movie inspired old school side scrolling beat-em up featuring scantily clad digitised strippers fighting against shuffling, drooling brain-dead men to fend of an alien invasion.

Based on the Beats of Rage engine, Bad Ass Babes uses the same digitising techniques that were used in the original Mortal Kombat games to capture the likenesses of the ass-kicking exotic dancers and import them into this entertaining side scrólling beat-em up.

Featuring a paper thin B-movie inspired plot involving invading aliens enslaving mankind, you progress through the game, beating up enslaved mutant men and unlocking new characters.  The gameplay is shallow, but remarkably fun, offering up old school beat-em up gameplay, with some very exotic special moves.

Needless to say some people may (understandably) be a little offended by Bad Ass Babes, but it’s all meant in good fun, and is just riffing on the direct to DVD movies that it’s inspired by.  Also, it’s telling that all the men in the game are depicted as shuffling, brain-dead mutants who can’t tell the difference between a real (digitised) woman and an inflatable doll.

Note: Each character has their own special moves (all of which are NSFW), accessed by Street Fighter-style button combos such as down, forward, punch.  It’s worth experimenting to find them as they’re all pretty ridiculous.

Watch the uncensored gameplay trailer HERE

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Download the Bad Ass Babes Alpha Demo HERE

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