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Bad Onion

Bad Onion, a brutally funny game made for the Let’s Cook Jam, see’s you playing an onion carrying out a variety of heists with your banana friend, making choices that affect how smoothly the heist goes and how much blood is spilled.

You and your banana buddy have turned to a life of crime – robbing stores and double crossing drug dealers, in a short hand drawn rampage across the city.  Being the onion, you are sent for all the action (bananas are better getaway drivers). The current build has two heists and a drug-based shooting.  How the heists go are entirely up to you – you can murder everyone and take the cash, or be a slightly less bad onion and just scare them, take the cash and leave.

Created by the developer of Shoppy Mart, Bad Onion is a thoroughly ridiculous game that blends its colourful, childish visual style with some ridiculously brutal food-based gun crime.  Your choices do have real consequences for how the heists pan out – it’s pretty easy to get in and out cleanly, but it’s much more fun to be a very bad onion!

Important Notes:

We’d Recommend Playing The Feedback Friday Build, as it’s slightly more polished, offers an extra scenario and has far more bloodshed!  However, it is a work in progress so there are a few little quirks to the game.  Half way through the ‘interact’ button switches from the ‘Spacebar’ to ‘Return’, so if you’re struggling to pick something up, press ‘Return’.

Also,  although the game doesn’t tell you this, you can press ‘E’ at any time to fire your gun, and be a very bad onion!

Check Out the Greenlight Page HERE

Watch a Playthough as a Really Bad Onion HERE

Download Bad Onion HERE (Win Only)