Bad Pad – Alpha Demo

Bad Pad

Bad Pad, a game being created by MizGames (Avishay Mizrav), is a Super Meatboy-esque platformer, that offers up challenging gameplay and fun level design.

In Bad Pad you play as a hero who springs to life after a young man throws his controller at his television screen out of frustration. The tv shorts out but brings you, along with the love of your life O and best friend △ to life. The problem is that X, the only remaining member of the group, got cracked several during this event. The damage has left x in an unstable mental state, which in turn makes him kidnap O as he wants her for himself.

Bad Pad is great fun, but also super challenging. Not only do the platforming section make you see red, the flipping of switches to unlock doors makes the game even more of a challenge. This adds to the confusion of directions to the game as you will be traversing back and forth between stages to access doors you’ve opened with switches from later levels, adding a nice bit of puzzle solving to the hardcore platforming gameplay.

You can expect to die a lot in Bad Pad, but nobody want’s to play an easy hardcore platformer.  It’s a challenging and inventive game puzzle platformer that much like the game’s premise, may end up making you throw your controller at the screen!

UPDATE: This Beta Is No Longer Available

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    • Duly noted, may I ask what parts did you find hard?
      And did you play the demo recently, because I update it a few times a week.

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