Bad Taste – Alpha Demo

Bad Taste

Bad Taste is a tongue-in-cheek side scrolling shooter/beat-em-up with beautifully animated cut scenes and lots of horror movie in-jokes that sees you attempting to escape a fast food zombie infested city of Victoria BC before it’s nuked by the army.

Bad Taste is a wonderful homage to low budget Troma-esque horror (such as Peter Jacksons classic of the same name), with a preposterous storyline about genetically modified fast food causing a zombie outbreak, gross-out visuals, fun in-jokes and lots of cheesy one liners. It’s still very early in development so the gameplay can still feel a little clunky at times, but the visuals are excellent – especially when you pop a zombie head with your shotgun!

Much like it’s inspiration, Bad Taste is trashy, cheesy, gory and wickedly funny. Basically if you know where then lines ‘I’m a Derek, and Derek’s don’t run’ and ‘I kick ass for the lord’ come from then you’ll love Bad Taste. A game for those who loved Troma movies still refuse to think of Peter Jackson as the director of the Lord of the Rings – he may be a big time director now, but he’ll always be Derek!

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