Badass Inc. – Game Jam Build

badass inc

Badass Inc. is a well crafted pixelated cyberpunk action adventure game, in which you play as a badass assassin with a mission to kill your client’s target in an ‘unconventional’ way.

Inspired by classics such as Blade Runner, Another World and Flashback, Badass Inc. offers a blend of point and click adventure styled puzzles, interspersed with action focused shootouts with law enforcement.  You play an assassin who must kill your target in an unconventional way as your client (Mr Ludum) demands it.  This is a bit more work than your normal methods (shooting your target in the head), but the customer is always right, so you set about sabotaging your targets apartment before they get back.

Taking around 10 minutes to complete, Badass Inc. impresses with it fun blend of action and puzzles, excellent pixel art animation and well written, genuinely funny dialogue.  A super cool pixel assassin adventure.

Play the Game Jam Build HERE