BadLands RoadTrip – Pre-Alpha Demo

BadLands RoadTrip Game Download

BadLands RoadTrip is a promising open world physics based shooter with RPG elements that allows you to assemble your own guns and ammo – allowing you to wield anything from triple barrelled revolvers to chaingun blunderbusses!

The current build of BadLands RoadTrip is very early in development so is still a bit rough graphically and gameplay-wise, but you can experience a little of the story, roam the game world, blast robots, talk to NPC’s and use the weapon building stations. The majority of the game is still to early in development to offer much enjoyment, but the weapon building is great fun, with with you able to build all manner of fantastic looking guns in seconds. The way the the bullets have Nerf-esque physics is a nice touch too, with you always having to compensate for drop with longer shots.

The Pre-Alpha demo build is pretty basic, but it shows a lot of promise, especially with its build-your-own-gun premise, which has a lot of potential. It could be a real blast once online multiplayer (currently only available via LAN) and more weapon parts are implemented. A custom gun action RPG well worth keeping your sights on.

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Download The BadLands RoadTrip Pre-Alpha Demo Here (Win, Mac & Linux)

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